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Photo a Day | Week 6

November 1, 2019

Our boy turned 16 months old this week. I promised myself that I wouldn't be the parent that counts by months after V turned one year old. It took exactly 13 months to realize that I can't keep my promise. 


A few things that I'd like to remember about V at 16 months old: 

  1. He flails his little arms while he runs and yells, "GO GEE GO GEE GO GEE GOOOO!" Adorable.

  2. He lifts my shirt to expose my bump and says, "Baby". The jury is out whether he knows what he is saying or if he just thinks belly buttons are babies.

  3. Wrestling with his dada is his favorite thing ever. 

  4. All animals are dogs. Or, pronounced correctly, "DOE?!" 

  5. He rubs his hair to put himself to sleep. I'm legitimately scared to get his hair cut. 

  6. Favorite foods include bananas, cheese sticks, cooked carrots, pot roast, pasta, and veggie straws. Depending on his mood, food that does not meet the criteria of 'favorite' might be thrown at you.

  7. Shoes are not optional. He wants shoes on always. Chilling at home in a diaper? Shoes are still 100% necessary.

Please enjoy!


 The car seat struggle.^^


 It may be the end of October, but it is still 85 degrees. So, water table play time!



 We celebrated Reformation Day with our life group. Tasty German dishes.




Happy Halloween! 




 Not a fan of being stuck in a box. He immediately said, "UP. UP. UP."


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