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A Photo a Day

September 28, 2019

I recently found myself scrolling through old photos, and my heart would jump every time I came across one of my son. Every. Single. Time. He is only 15 months old, but photos and videos of his younger days already bring this gut-wrenching feeling of nostalgia. 


I thought, "This is ridiculous. I'm a photographer. I HAVE to take more photos. Like, real photos - with my real camera - of my real life."


So I have vowed to take at LEAST one photo per day. I am not setting any rules to accompany this vow. I likely won't have a consistent editing style or 'type' of image shared (if I even bother to share them consistently). Most photos will probably take place at home - because, let's be real, lugging my camera out of the house is not something I'll do very often.


Please enjoy some photos from this week. Now to figure out how to get myself into at least one frame per week...


















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