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Birth Story | Meet Baby Liberty

May 26, 2016

There is something completely captivating about a mama sharing her birth story. Every birth that I witness is uniquely profound, and mom's interpretation of the event is powerful. So, friends, please enjoy reading about the birth of Liberty Carol in her mama's own words!


9 cm.  Those were not the words I expected to hear when my midwife checked me upon arriving at the birth center.  I had labored at home all day and finally my contractions had gotten close/strong enough to go to the birth center around 11:30 pm.  As a first time mom I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, but I definitely didn’t think I would hear I was already 9 cm dilated.

I got in the birth tub (that is the perfect birth I had envisioned for the past 9 months, to give birth all naturally in a tub) ready to go, feeling so confident, so ready to meet my baby girl.  I labored for another hour or so then decided (with my midwives) it was time to push.  I began pushing; changing positions, moving around; then my water broke.  Bad news; there was meconium in the fluid, which is a “risk out” for the birth center.  My midwives said the baby is fine, she just needs to come out within the hour or we will have to transfer you.  

I continued to move around and change positions, no luck.  The midwives then determined my baby girl was positioned OP, I was making no progress, and combined with the meconium meant I needed to be transferred. 

My world stopped, I could barely think.  I went from the high of hearing you made it to 9 cm to feeling helpless.  I thought for sure being transferred would mean I would have to have a c-section.

We arrived at the hospital (me, my husband, my doula, and photographer) and were rushed into a room.  I continued to push.  Then I met the OB, who took a look at my birth plan (which was in shambles at this point in my eyes) and said ok, go for it, keep pushing, keep trying to get the baby to turn and move down.  So that’s what I did, I pushed and pushed.  The nurses kept telling me to take a break, rest through some of the contractions, but I couldn’t.  I couldn’t get my body to not push.

I ended up at one point on my knees, leaning against a squatting bar (this was when the new day shift nurse took over, holy cow I had been at this since around 12:30 am).  I remember thinking why God, why is my perfect birth plan going like this?  Then I had my epiphany.  My thinking was off, this whole time I had been thinking it was “my” birth plan, but what was in God’s plans for me?  My husband and I had waited and tried for two long years to get pregnant, the Lord made us wait then and we grew so much in that waiting period.  As a military wife I had waited through many deployments, again growing so much with each of them.  So I completely surrendered to my powerful Father in that moment, leaning on that squatting bar, pushing my heart out.  He had made us wait before, and He was making me wait now.  His plan was intact and I knew, ultimately, His plan would be perfect. 

The pushing seemed endless.  Finally, I got to a point of complete exhaustion and asked the nurse if I had made enough progress to use the vacuum (the OB had mentioned it as an option).  The OB came and checked me and after talking it over we decided trying the vacuum was the best option, a last ditch effort to avoid a c-section. I was terrified.  I am a nurse myself, and I knew the risks that came with a vacuum.  My husband and I prayed one last time, then the OB was ready, vacuum connected, it all came down to this.  I pushed like I never had before (I don’t know where the energy came from, certainly it was from above). 

At 10:41 am my baby girl was welcomed into the world.  I completely lost it, my husband lost it; tears all around.  After pushing for so long and so many things seeming to go “wrong” our baby girl was here.  She was perfect, no bad affects from the vacuum what so ever.  So there I lay in the hospital bed with my baby girl on my chest.  I wasn’t in that birth tub across the street at the birth center, but I didn’t care, I was in my own little world. 

Once again God made me wait, and it was oh so worth it, she is worth it.  I have never felt more empowered.  I know in the future when I am facing a trial in life I will be able to look back and remember what I overcame during this birth and use it as motivation and confidence to overcome other things.  I was surrounded the whole time by such love and support from my husband, doula, photographer, and all the nurses/midwives.  That is something I will never forget, at my weakest when I needed encouragement God placed the most incredible people around me to help get me through. There is not a thing I would change about my birth, it is my new “perfect birth story” and best of all it’s not just an idea in my head; it’s actually mine!

 Did you enjoy reading about Liberty's first moments? Let Rebecca know in the comment section below!


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