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Birth Story | Introducing David Ryan

July 10, 2015

I love my job. I sincerely, wholeheartedly, love my job. You see, in my line of work, women invite me into one of the most intimate moments of their lives and trust me to document those moments in a beautiful-but-honest way. Birth photography is so brilliantly challenging because the photographer has no control over the circumstances, and this is particularly true in the occurance of home birth. The birth photographer walks into her client's home with only the knowledge that she will do her absolute best to capture the beauty of labor.

If there ever were a family deserving of quality photography, it would be Kinzley and Ryan. Kinzley is, hands down, the most courageous woman you will ever meet; Ryan is, without-a-doubt, the most supportive man you will ever come to know. Kinzley trusted that her body would do what it is designed to do and embraced labor with the courage that I can only hope to have.

When I arrived to Kinzley and Ryan's home, Kinzley was the picture of strengh. At 7cm dilated, she courtiously asked me how I am doing and complimented how quickly I had arrived. Ryan was doing a little bit of last-minute straightening up, and he let me know that their daughter, Caroline, was sleeping soundly at a friend's house. Kinzley's midwife arrived shortly before I pulled up to the house and was busy at work!

Kinzley fearlessly approached each and every contraction. She welcomed them, even. 

Ryan chose to play an active roll in Kinzley's laboring process. He tirelessly supported his wife through every moment.

Kinzley sought some needed relief in her bathtub after several hours of intense contractions. Not a moment passed without support from Kinzley's birth team.

In addition to physical and emotional support, Kinzley's midwife made sure to give her valuable advice that would result in welcoming her sweet baby into this world as safely as possible. After a few contractions in the bathtub, it was time to get things moving!

Just a few more contractions passed before Kinzley was encouraged to push!

Let me tell you, this beautiful woman is STRONG. She leaned in to her contractions as they came and allowed her body to move that baby. Before we knew it, David Ryan was showing off his new-found ability to cry! Welcome, baby David!

Friends, I photograph birth with the hope of capturing the joy found on these parents faces! This sweet baby boy was prayed over, waited for, worked for, and welcomed with wide open hearts. It is my goal that the photographs of this life-changing moment will bring David's parents back to the moment that their little family of 3 became a family of 4. I greatly hope that these images will remind them of the joy they felt at David Ryan's arrival. Oh, the love!

Want to see what a proud father looks like? This is it!

As soon as Kinzley got the "go-ahead", she established the start of her breastfeeding journey. David knew exactly what he needed to do!

Have you ever seen so much hair? A short time later, Kinzley's family came to meet sweet baby David!

This little man is so, so loved. After a bit of rest, David was measured and weighed.

Friends, I kid you not, this baby weighs 10lbs2oz. TEN POUNDS, TWO OUNCES! Kinzley is nothing short of a warrior. Kinzley, Ryan, and Caroline, congratulations to you! You are such a beautiful, fearless family. I cannot wait to see the photos that you share as your little family grows up! 



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