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Birth Story | Meet Viktoria

May 21, 2015

This birth story is very special to me. The Garza family gifted me with the honor of photographing the birth of their precious baby girl, Viktoria. Baby Vicky surprised us all by making her appearance via cesarean at 38 weeks.

Vicky’s birth experience proved to me that all birth is beautiful. There are all kinds of ways for babies to come into this world, and every birth is lovely.

Baby Vicky wasted no time. I left my home to arrive at the hospital as soon as Irene, Vicky's mommy, gave me the "go ahead" to . When I arrived at the hospital, I was informed that Irene was already in the operating room! I was quickly taken back and given a "bunny suit" to change into before entering into the OR. 

Irene and I were certainly happy to see each other. Irene had no idea that she would be meeting her precious baby girl that day! And, I had no idea that I would have my first experience with a c-section. As a birth photographer, it is my goal to be a "fly on the wall" and simply document my client's experience. As such, I hope that my photos will speak for themselves. Take a look at Vicky's story.

(Mom's eye view.) 

 After a few very short moments, Viktoria was here!

Shortly after her birth, the staff allowed me to photo-document Vicky's first moments - all still in the operating room!

The staff (and Irene!) were amazing and gave me the opportunity to cut Vicky's umbilical cord! You better believe that I jumped on that opportunity. One of the sweet nurses offered to snap a few photos while I cut the cord. Score!

 After the cord was cut, it was time to be cleaned off, measured, and weighed.

Because the staff are so amazing, I was permitted to take a shot of the operating table so that Mom and Dad could see what the business end of things really looks like. 

Now it was time for baby Vicky to meet Mommy! This was my favorite part of the session - Irene will always be able to look back on the moment that she met her precious baby girl for the first time. 

After a few precious moments with mom, Vicky was escorted to meet Orlando. Or, to Vicky, it was time to meet dad! Friends, I can tell you that this baby girl is just so loved. 

I loved capturing these precious moments for Irene and Orlando. It is my hope that this special family will look on these photos and remember those first special moments in Vicky's life!

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