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Baby Showers, Photo-booths, and Cupcakes!

February 13, 2015

Meet Kylie, one of the most loving, creative, chill,  joyful expecting-mamas that you will ever meet. Her baby shower reflected every single one of those characteristics. Kylie decided on an "activities" based shower rather than a shower featuring games and prizes. It was important to Kylie that her guests have a great time and walk away from her shower with happy memories. After a little bit of Pinterest-surfing, Kylie decided on a Cowboys and Indians theme. Adorable!

Kylie's hosts set up an area where guests could write well wishes and advice. They also designated another area where guests could fill out an envolope with their addresses to make writing "Thank You" cards easier for Kylie. These stations fit perfectly in with Kylie's activities based shower!

 Activity number two: the late night diaper change station. Here, Kylie's friends and family wrote funny notes on diapers with the hopes of keeping her spirits high during those grueling late-night changes.

 And finally, the activity that sucked everyone in - a photo-booth! It was legitimately difficult to stop myself from laughing long enough to snap the photos!

 Oh, and who wouldn't enjoy some cupcakes and gifts?

 A quick note about those cupcakes - delicious! If you are in the Fayetteville area, check out the baker's Facebook Page here.

It was a true privilege to photograph Kylie's friends and family rallying around her, showering her with love, advice, and gifts in preparation for baby W's arrival.


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