Introducing Kenny!

February 8, 2015

It is my pleasure to introduce you to my furry soulmate, Kenny. This dog may be the most loved dog you will ever meet. Seriously! Kenny wins the affection of everyone he comes into contact with. So, for my followers near and far, I have dedicated this post to Kenny's favorite things.

Sun bathing. Kenny will actively seek out the areas of our house with a patch of sun to bask in. Whenever I can't find Kenny, he is either laying on the guest bed or in the dining room - the two most sun-soaked areas of our home!

Keep-away. Notice that I didn't say "fetch". Kenny doesn't fetch; he plays bandit. The highlight of his life, second only to being given any kind of food, is when the Hubs plays with Kenny in the back yard with a stick. Hubs throws the stick, Kenny chases the stick, Kenny keeps the stick, Hubby chases Kenny, Hubby catches Kenny (because, let's face it, Kenny's a little fat), and the process repeats. SO. MUCH. FUN.

Sleep. Enough said. 


Toys! Fun fact: Kenny will make deposits of his toys all around the house. He hates when I pick up his toys and put them into his "Stuff" box. He will frantically remove all of his toys and disperse them all around our house. In fact, I had to fight him off just to take a photo of his "Stuff" box! Goober.

 Summary: I love my dog too much. And I'm not ashamed!


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