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Meet Megan, Your Pampered Chef Consultant!

January 22, 2015

I often say that I am a small business who wants to support small business. So, friends, meet my stunning Pampered Chef consultant and chef, Megan! 

Now, I'm going to be straight-forward. This was my first pampered chef party, and it blew my mind! I have to hand it to Pampered Chef as a company - they are clever. When you host a party, your Pampered Chef consultant will teach you about all of the products that they offer while you simultaneously use those products to prepare a meal that you later enjoy together.

 We made a delicious flatbread pizza with a shredded chicken, artichoke, and feta spread. Um, yum! Above, you can see Megan's friend, Claudia, zesting a lemon with one of Pampered Chef's many handy tools. I put my camera down and got busy chopping up some garlic. And how did we measure that garlic, you might ask?

 Bam! Friends, that is a free-standing measuring spoon. Genious! This spoon will not topple over when you load it with your ingredients. I may be purchasing a set of these in the near future. Next, we made BLT cups of deliciousness. They were every bit as tasty as they look.

 Oh, and did I forget to show you the flatbread?

 I've already had dinner tonight, but seeing the food again is making me hungry... As we finished cooking, we all sat down together to enjoy our kitchen creation.

 Friends, Pampered Chef knows what they are doing. I couldn't resist purchasing some of their genious kitchen tools! I am so looking forward to receiving Pampered Chef gear in the mail. If I have convinced you to take a gander through their catalog, feel free to visit Megan's personal website.

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