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Pumpkin Ice Cream | Gillis Hill Farm

October 4, 2014

It's official! The season of bonfires, warm colors, brown boots, and pumpkin everything has arrived! My great friend, Ashley, suggested that we celebrate with pumpkin ice cream made at a local farm: Gillis Hill. Great call, Ashley!

The ice cream drew us in, but the walking tour kept the fun rolling. We weren't sure whether to expect an opportunity to tour the farm, so we were thrilled when we saw a sign which read: "Free walking tour with purchase of ice cream". Score!

(My sweet friends, Dan and Ashley. Spoiler alert: maternity photos are coming soon!)


In case you weren't aware, bees absolutely LOVE pumpkin icecream. As soon as we began our tour, a bee took a liking to my cup of pumpkin goodness. I could not hold myself together! I tried everything to get away from that bee: running, swatting, stomping, twirling, jumping... perhaps a little bit of screaming. I must have looked like a toddler having a seizure trying to run from that bee! Hubby had to swoop in and save the day. He used his own icecream as bait, waited for the bee to become interested, and SPLAT!

Ladies, you know that your hubby loves you when he sacrifices a bite of his ice cream to catch the bee that is torturing you! After quickly recomposing myself, we were able to finally begin our tour!

If you schedule a guided tour with Gillis Hill, you will get to enter a cabin to see some tools and equipment which were previously used in the operation of the farm. We may be back for one of those guided tours, but peeking through the window will have to suffice until then.

Before wrapping up the tour, I made sure to hand my camera over to Ashley to snap a shot of Will and me. She did a great job, and I am really thankful for the shot!

Thanks for reading, and I would love to hear about what you did over the weekend in the "comments" section!



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