Meet Courtney

     When women are in labor, they become very focused on the task at hand. Following the birth of their baby, women cannot always remember the beautiful and wonderful work of labor. 

     When I had my son, my labor was very intense - it took all of my concentration to get through contractions. Following his birth, I kept trying to remember the stages of labor and what I was doing or feeling. It wasn't until I got to see the photos of my birth experience that I remembered laughing with my photographer, husband, doula, nurse, and midwife. The images helped me remember the way I leaned into my husband's hip during contractions, and the light on my midwife's face as she read my birth plan. I had my eyes closed and was concentrating during so much of my labor. Had it not been for Samantha, my birth photographer, I would have completely missed the supportive and handsome stances my husband took while I was in labor.

     The photos of my son when he was the newest, only moments after I saw him for the first time, are priceless. The organic and unpolished faces we made upon meeting our son were captured in birth photography. They are some of the most precious images I have of any event in my life; they are a particularly perfect capturing of the teamwork, intimacy, and joy of my marriage, let alone parenthood.

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