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Why hire a birth photographer?
     The idea of hiring a birth photographer may seem odd to some- labor is often a long, intense process that many believe is a sacred and private journey- but it is one of the best things I could have done.
It is such a gift for you, your partner, and family to be able to be in the moment during this special time as the labor process itself may make you not as acutely aware of everything that is taking place around you. Birth photography has the ability to capture the tiniest details of your child's birth to the sheer emotion shared between partners. Not only does it capture the memories that you'll forever remember, but also the moments you don't. I vividly remember squeezing my husband's hand as I pushed through my contractions, ice chips being a way of life, and the moment I first laid eyes on my brand-spanking-new, sweet baby. But the cord being cut or the look on my husband's face upon first seeing our son, the first reading on the scale or sponge bath... those are moments that although I don't remember in all the chaos, I am able to cherish forever. Those are moments that I hope flash before me as I take my last breath.
     So while I used to think that childbirth would be a time in my life that I would want least photographed, it is actually a time that I will treasure the rest of my life. Pure vulnerability during such an intimate time is scary, but looking back and seeing the strength I had is powerful. Not to mention the end result of our beautiful baby boy here with us.

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