A Guide to Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

Thank you for booking your Lifestyle Newborn Session with Samantha Metheny Photography! Below, you will find some helpful tips and tricks to hosting a sucessful session. Have any questions? Shoot me a message!








When should we schedule our session?


Ideally, lifestyle newborn sessions would take place between 4 and 10 days after birth during baby's sleepy season of life. A sleepy baby allows us to move from shot to shot quickly with minimal fuss! 

Where will our session be held?


Your lifestyle newborn session will be held in the comfort of your own home. Don't worry about dragging yourself out of the house, mama! You will receive top quality images of your little one in his/her first home - how special! When I arrive to your home, I will look for the room in your house with the most light. Some of my favorite in-home locatoins include the living room, master bedroom (don't forget to make the bed!), and baby's nursery. Weather permitting, we may even snag a few photos outside! Heads up: I may move your furniture around. Don't worry! I'll put it all back before I leave. 

What can I do to help this session go smoothly?


Luckily, lifestyle newborn sessions are adaptable to baby's needs. I will pose baby as he/she allows and take as many shots as possible during our time together. A sleepy baby will make our time together very enjoyable! You can help baby to sleep deeply by doing a number of things: 

  • Feed your little one right before our session time. A full baby is a happy baby!

  • Keep extra milk on hand. We can take all of the breaks that we need to take to keep your baby content!

  • Bump the temperature of your home on the (very) warm side. Your little baby bundle has been living in a 98 degree paradise for all of his/her life! A warm environment will help soothe your little one.

  • White noise - just as baby has been living in 98 degrees, he/she has also always experienced white noises while inside the womb. Playing some white noise will soothe your little one and help to reduce the impact of those unexpected jolting noises.

What should we wear during our session?


I know! You just had a baby and you are not thrilled with the thought of being photographed. I get it! I challenge you, sweet mama, to embrace these early moments. You will treasure these images with your brand new baby! I recommend that you doll yourself up - have your hair and makeup done! As far as clothing, wear what you are comfortable in! I suggest complimentary colors (not matching), with minimal patterns. Wear something that fits you well and shows your personality. Keep baby in some simple outfits - nothing too loud! Remember, we may have baby swaddled and/or au naturale for much of the shoot.

Can I invite my baby's older sibling(s)?


Yes! I want everyone in the family unit to be included in this session! 

What about props?


As a lifestyle photographer, I choose to work with minimal props. However, if you have any special props that you would like for me to use during our session, please chat with me about this. I am more than happy to make accomodations for your wishes!

What else do I need to know?


A couple of things:

  • Babies poop. Yep! I said it! Chances are, your beautiful little bundle of joy is going to make a bit of a mess. Don't sweat it! We will clean him/her up and go on with our session.

  • Relax! We will go with the flow and cater your session to the needs of your baby. Little one not sleeping well? I'll take some candids of you as you soothe, play with, attend to him/her. We can always adapt and adjust as your session goes on.

  • Don't forget to make sure your needs are met! I know how you are, mama. I know that you will try to make sure everyone else is doing well before thinking about yourself. But, I need you to take care of you! You are VITAL to the success of this session.

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